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This is the place. Seriously. The. Place. The short of it is, we got tired of creating cause for future aneurysms by trying to mentally beam our events, news and thoughts—using clandestine psychic channels—to you, our loyal constituents.

Instead, we have opted for a steadfast and more modern, new-fangled approach to communication: the highly-esteemed, and often abused, blog platform. What will you find in this blog, you ask? Excellent question.

We’re hoping to not only keep you enlightened about news and press relating to Workshed and our great clients, but also to enlighten the public at-large about our processes, why we do things the way we do, how we think, and also some of the more enjoyable aspects of our company.

With that, I’ll direct you to add a bookmark to this page and watch it with an enthusiastic fanaticism, as we plan to update it more often than seems to suffice for often these days. Pour yourself a hot beverage, sit back, click the refresh button on your browser and get ready to enjoy.