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E-Mail Newsletters Just Got Easier

Keeping in touch with your customers can be a daunting task. You have ideas. You know what you want to say. You know when you want to say it. However, when it comes time to merge technology with inspiration, oftentimes making it all work is a tough hurdle to overcome.

Rejoice. We have found the missing link.

Introducing… Pegmail
Introducing... Pegmail

Pegmail is our new integrated e-mail campaign and subscription management solution. Intuitive to use and easy to implement, it allows you, the idea person, to quickly create and send your own e-mail campaigns at a moment’s notice, or schedule them for a later delivery date. You simply choose your template, enter your content, send a test and then—if all is well—unleash it upon the masses.

Furthermore, you have easy subscriber management at your fingertips, detailed reports of how many of your subscribers opened your campaigns, clicked on links and unsubscribed, so you can see which of your campaigns were most effective. In short, you can weed out the good ideas from the, well, not so good ones.
To make things easier, we provide a selection of basic off-the-shelf templates, or we can design a custom branded template just for you.

And what about capturing those new subscribers? Easy! You can easily do a bulk import from a spreadsheet. Heck, you can also create a subscription form to post on your web site, allowing your users to add themselves to one or all of your e-mail lists. That’s right, you can have multiple e-mail lists.

Right now is right about where we start talking about how Pegmail can slice and dice and prepare your dinners for you, but we know you’re smart enough to see that line coming. And, honestly, you have some great ideas to pitch to your customers, so why not dive right in?

How Much Does it Cost and How Do I Get Started?

To get started, simply get in touch and we’ll help you help your ideas get moving.