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tca_gold_award_bug.jpgGreat news, folks! We just got word that we’ve won the Gold award for the 2008 Create Awards competition in the Interactive: Weird/Wacky/Oddball category—and what category would be more fitting for us than this one, I ask.

For those of you who may not remember, the Forward Thinking Museum is a project we co-produced with Andy Harrison at on behalf of JGS, Inc., which is a philanthropic photgraphic arts non-profit founded by Howard Stein, considered the father of the Mutual Fund.

It’s a surreal, wacky virtual world where photographic exhibits are featured in a space where goats talk, giants ride elevators and social hot topics are discussed in an immersive virtual space.

JGS Forward Thinking Museum - The BuildingThanks to Andy Harrison for bringing this project to us and entrusting us with his clients’ vision, for helping to co-creative direct the project and also for managing the project from the client side, as well as his design contributions. It’s been a pleasure working with him and if you’re in the market for a Mac, he’s your man.

I can’t let this post go without also giving credit where it’s due, and that credit lies largely with our Design and Programming team on this project, which consisted of Jason Bennett on overall art direction, production design and Flash development, as well as Chris Nelson, who developed the content management tools and PHP/Data/XML integration for the project.

A press release and official award icons are soon to follow.