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logo.pngI wanted to take a moment out to shift focus from internal chest-thumping to a pet project one of our employees has been working on for some time, which has become an invaluable tool for many a web developer.

Oscar Godson, one of our designer/developer folks,  has created his own web app called Project Deploy*. It’s a genius tool that speeds of the process of generating a ready-to-go web site framework so you can quickly get started on your new web project. Select a few radio buttons, choose your flavor of XHTML, set some more options and BOOM! there you go. Instant web site skeleton ready for the skinning.

Not only has he created a great tool, but he’s also gotten the traffic for Project Deploy* into the 35,000 rank on the Alexa index. A truly impressive feat that is further proof he had a great idea and ran with it.

Congrats, Oscar!