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ematrophy144-192-72dpi.jpgWhile we don’t like to get all hoity toity around here, it’s getting hard to ignore the number of awards that have been given to projects with which we’ve been involved lately. It’s not like we’re out there begging for awards in the streets, but heck, if they keep giving them out, we’ll keep taking them!

This time, it’s the Zookbinders web site we developed on behalf of SDM Marketing, with the design provided by PBR Design. Workshed did all of the information architecture, wireframes, slicing, XHTML/CSS templates, SEO, Flash development, PHP development and custom CMS development (built on our very own Pegboard platform), as well as providing dedicated hosting services in our colocation facility.

The award was from the Summit International Awards — in the category of Emerging Media. The site was presented a Leader award. Of the approximately 700 entries from numerous countries only 12% earned recognition. There are 3 levels that were recognized: visionary, innovator and leader.

Workshed is extremely proud to have been a part of this project and thanks SDM Marketing, PBR Design and most importantly, the fine folks at Zookbinders for allowing us to be a part of it.