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So, we have good news and sad news today. Good news is that we have a new employee as of last Wednesday. Everyone, meet Mr. Matt Imus. Matt’s our new go-to guy and he brings with him a strong background in interactive design. We’re pleased to have him aboard and we’re sure you’ll be pleased to work with him. You can check out his personal site here. Welcome aboard, Matt!

The sad news? Well, it’s not often in this industry that an employee hangs around for more than a year or so. Let’s face it, Interactive work can have high turnover. Jason Bennett was our first employee, ever. He worked with  me when Workshed was still a home-based business, became our art director and oversaw the design and development of sites and projects for Subaru, The JGS Forward Thinking Museum and the re-branding of Lacamas Community Credit Union. Jason’s been our rock for four-plus years now. While we’re sad to see him go, we are excited for him and the new adventures he’s going to seek. And not to fret too much: he’ll also be contracting for us for awhile. Jason, we appreciate all you’ve given to Workshed over the years and hope you feel equally rewarded by your time spent here.

And to leave on a positive note: keep your eyes out for a fresh new look and feel for the Workshed web site as well as new hosting options. We promise, it’ll be cool.