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The Office Audit Back when I first started as a financial adviser, Van Kampen mutual funds was doing a big 'value add' push to attract more business. I'm not sure how successful their effort was for them, but one of the positive outcomes I received was an introduction to their office audit (along … Read More

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Three Essential Elements of Websites for Mutual Funds If you are one of the asset managers who are still wondering if a quality website is worth the investment, consider this: the internet is often the first place advisers and investors will learn about your firm. Given this new reality, and the … Read More

Paul and Sara Kitchen Endorsement for Workshed

Great Clients = Great Projects Now that their site has been up and running for a few months, we asked Paul and Sara Kitchen, owners of Kitchen Electric in Washougal, WA to share their experience of having a website built by Workshed. Thank you Paul and Sara for sharing your thoughts! Here is a … Read More


Social Media Makeover UPDATE: For the rest of March, we're offering our social media makeover for 50% off! Social media is one of the first places prospective clients are going to "meet" you and your company. What will their¬†first impression be?¬†Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, … Read More