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Joseph Graves

Joseph GravesWith a voracious appetite for learning, you’ll usually find Joe reading books (often several at the same time) or deeply committed to mastering a new pursuit- be it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, gardening, or whatever his current fancy may be. With zen-like (compulsive?) focus, Joe breaks problems down to their essence in order to find the best solution.

He has built homes in Japan, worked at his father’s trucking company, and challenged the bureaucracies of a big box retailer and international investment firm before starting his own financial planning practice in 2006. While having Workshed build his company website curiosity led him to learn about how all this website, techie stuff works. While not exactly a computer super-genius, he knows enough to be dangerous. As an owner of Workshed, Joe applies his love of learning, problem solving, and technology to help grow their client’s businesses and be successful.

Joe's Favorite Books