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What We Do For Law Firms

Websites & Marketing for Attorneys & Law Firms

Effectively communicating your firms value online is essential for attracting new clients, but most firms either neglect this function or wrongly assume they can buy a hands off, turn key solution.

An Expensive Error

Unfortunately, both can be costly mistakes. It isn’t enough to have a blase website built from a template, to temporarily achieve high search engine rankings with dubiously beneficial back links, or promote content that is regurgitated and sold to other firms.

The Right Way

At Workshed the majority of our clients are in the legal and financial industry, but we still do work outside of our focus to maintain an informed perspective on what’s working online. To consistently attract the right kind of clients requires more than templates, passing of others ideas as your own, and linking to industry directories.
We collaborate with our clients to create websites, blog posts, and videos that are authentic representations of their firms. We supply the creative, technological, and business skills to get your message found by the people who need your help. You focus on legal work, we’ll handle the dissemination of your value.

It Isn’t Magic

There is no magic bullet when it comes to winning the battle for clients. Just like winning a case, success takes perseverance, hard work, and insight. Working with Workshed means concentrating on what you do best, and allowing us to do the same.

Not For Everyone

At this point you might be tempted to think that working with us Workshed might be a good idea…and you’d be right, but we’re not for everyone. We will not be the cheapest nor will we be the fastest. Doing things well takes time, and time is our most valuable resource. Our legacy is in our work, so we are committed to doing it well.

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