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Should you work with us?

That depends.

We have been self employed and worked for gigantor corporations, experiencing successes and failures while learning valuable lessons about business, marketing, and technology along the way.
We believe taking action is preferable to doing nothing. Take calculated risks and learn from them. Rinse and repeat.
Our learning curve shares traits with the Energizer Bunny.

How do we do it?

We’ll start by learning your business; we’ll dissect it, study it, poke and prod it, uncover what’s working and what’s broken. We ask why…a lot. What will it take to make it function, profit, and endure in a way that makes it enjoyable to live with?
From there it’s a matter of committing to change.  Sometimes it’s a physical change (like a new website) other times it’s changing habits or processes that aren’t getting good results.  Lastly, we execute along a clearly specified plan.  It’s always better knowing what to expect and when.

So should you hire Workshed?

Only if you want to work with people who love great design, efficient systems, and are laser focused on creating a significant return on investment for their clients.