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Scope: help a growing electrical contractor build their online presence and modernize their office systems

Our client had been in business for about 5 years, building a reputation for quality and experiencing solid growth .  The previous year they had moved out of their home office and into a space on a busy street in Washougal, WA.  Their online presence was minimal (a simple website and a Facebook page) and wasn’t doing much to connect with potential customers.  From their storefront they had a small volume of retail sales for electrical components that they weren’t effectively marketing.  They were handling their master work schedule on a paper calendar located in the office instead of a shared online calendar and were using a single email address for all business emails.  They knew they wanted to modernize their marketing and their office systems.

Circuit breaker

Our photographer Brady makes something as ordinary as a spool of wire or a circuit breaker look cool!

We met with them a few times to ask a lot of questions and to get to know their business.  Once we understood their goals we created a blueprint to achieve them.  We designed and built a WordPress site that’s easy for search engines to find.  We took photos of their shop and incorporated them into their website and social media profiles for a modern look.  Then we set them up on Google Apps so each of the owners and their journeyman electricians (all carrying smartphones) could see the master job calendar and have their own business email addresses.

With the digital infrastructure in place, they are well-positioned to connect with the customers they want, greater efficiency and sustainable growth.  If you need a great electrician, electrical parts or electrical advice in the Camas/Washougal area call Kitchen Electric today!