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Scope: help a plumbing contractor develop a new service division

Our client is an established residential plumbing contractor in Vancouver, WA who wanted to develop a new business line focused on service calls for repair and emergency work.  An SEO optimized website and effective social media strategy would need to be implemented to drive customers to them within a very competitive market niche.  Adding to the challenge, neither the owner nor service work manager is particularly tech savvy or have experience with social media.

We built a new easy to navigate and update WordPress website with a prominent call to action making them easy to contact.  Our photographer shot photos of our clients at work on the job site, making them come across as the real, hard-working guys they are.  Social media accounts were set up for them with a look that’s consistent with the website.  We also created a video intro/outro and set up their smartphones to easily capture video which they can quickly stitch together and have on their website and social media within minutes.

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Workshed will continue to collaborate with them to make sure the website and social media has fresh content and the right customers are finding them.

Clogged drain?  Leaky pipes?  Water heater on the fritz?  For fast, quality service call T&S Plumbing!