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Secure WordPress WebsiteAn out of date version of WordPress is one of the primary ways malicious hackers gain access to websites.  Updating your site to the latest release is essential, but depending on how your website was built, upgrading to a newer version can come with it’s own set of risks.

One challenge with updating WordPress on sites that have a custom theme (especially one with lots of plugins) is that it can break your website.  Fortunately, the risk of losing data can be easily overcome by backing up your database and files first (which you should be doing anyway), so  that if something goes wrong during the upgrade you can easily restore the old version while you troubleshoot whatever is causing the errors.

Don’t miss out on the latest features of WordPress or risk having your website compromised.  If your website is out of date, make updating it a top priority.

For those that are comfortable with performing the update instructions are here: WORDPRESS UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS

For those that need a helping hand, we can handle the process for you. Most of the time we can get it done for about $125 or less, although some custom themes and plugins require additional troubleshooting to get them working right.

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Update your WordPress Website soon!