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Nothing taxing today, just some links I find either helpful, interesting, or informative. Do with them what you will.

  • Pixlr It’s like Photoshop, but free…and online.
  • Lifehacker Tips and shortcuts for making life easier.
  • DuoLingo  Learn a new language, translate the web.
  • Code Academy  HTML, CSS, PHP Learn how to build websites and apps are built, then build your own
  • 750 Words  That little extra motivation you need to write everyday.
  • Medium  Share and exchange ideas, the inline commenting is wonderful.
  • Dafont  Because sometimes Arial isn’t enough.
  • Lynda  Online instruction and tutorials for almost anything.
  • TED  Ideas worth sharing…and listening to.
  • Fora  Like TED, but with greater depth.

What sites (besides Facebook) do you regularly use?