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A Collaborative Business accomplishes more the hierarchical organizationsCollaborative Business

More and more, businesses are seeing the vision of moving away from a business built on competition and hierarchy to a business that uses collaboration to fuel and capture creativity.

Working on the premise that great minds working together have the ability to accomplish great things and that the sum of their parts are worth more than just the individual, we start to see that logically, this makes perfect sense.

When people feel free to express their ambitions, their ideas and opinions, they continually contribute because they see that they are an important part of the process.  Whereas in a hierarchy situation, it is more likely that innovations and ideas are not welcome unless you hold a certain title or standing in the company.

We all have something authentic and unique to contribute and eventually, we may even begin to figure out what that is.  Then, the goal becomes to find a place where your contribution means something, providing value to a workplace and a team and at the same time, building value within yourself.