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Superstar or Slacker?

If your website was an employee, what type of an employee would it be?  Would it be a superstar or a slacker?  Fortunately, great websites (unlike employees) can be built.

Simple not Easy

Creating an awesome (a technical term describing effectiveness) website is one that compels visitors to take action and contact you about a service or product.  To build a superstar employee style website, you have to understand the company you are making the site for , their customers, and a whole slew of other disciplines ranging from accounting to psychology; not to mention graphic design and web development.

Connect the Dots

At Workshed, we’ve individually and collectively spent a lifetime exploring the different elements of successful businesses.  We know what it takes to create not only a superstar website, but how to leverage the information we gather into improving other areas of your business as well.  One of the most interesting aspects of what we do is learning about a new business for the first time.  To hear your successes, challenges, and goals with objectivity allows us to gain an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (yes I just worked a SWOT analysis into a post).  From their the challenge is to translate that raw information into words, images, and code that accurately represents the personality of your company.

Fire the Slacker

If your website and marketing isn’t routinely bringing in new business and making your life easier it’s time to cut your losses and hire a new one.