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Day 23: Workshed helps clients attract their ideal customer, here’s how

Day 23: Workshed helps clients attract their ideal customer, here’s how

We believe in using inbound marketing to attract clients rather than ‘interruption marketing’ where you pester customers to buy from you.  Think of inbound marketing as Connection Marketing.  You connect with your ideal customers by helping them.

How does inbound work?

It starts with knowing your goals.

  1.  Who are you hoping to attract?  (Ideal customer)
  2. Where do they live on the internet/social media?  (Demographics, gender, lifestyle, etc)
  3. How do you deliver meaningful content to them? (Content strategy)
  4. How is that content created and distributed? (Who does the work)

 The Plan

Next we create a plan for meeting the defined goals.  We determine when and how the content will be delivered then create the infrastructure to deliver it to our target audience.  The keys to effective infrastructure are:

  1.  A robust, mobile-responsive WordPress website typically built on a supported framework that complies with web standards (search engine friendly)
  2. Social Media platforms used by your ideal customer/clients with links to and from your website
  3. Email marketing campaigns with great analytics like MailChimp
  4. Website analytics and reporting

Content is King

With the right infrastructure in place, it’s time to create content.  Our agency makes awesome content that connects with your ideal customer.  We determine the best medium to communicate your message; video, photography, articles, e-books, white papers, newsletters and more.  Then we distribute it via our infrastructure and continually measure the results.

 That which is measured improves

Next, we measure and report the results.  Since the data is gathered in real-time, we can quickly see what is working well and what isn’t and make adjustments fast.  Being nimble ensures that our client’s marketing budget is being maximized and that we’re generating a real ROI (return on investment).

Nothing in life is a sure thing (except death and taxes perhaps), but inbound marketing is pretty darn close to a sure thing when it comes to bringing in more business from the customers you want.  We’re ready to help you grow with inbound marketing.  Let’s talk.


Day 17: Deserves got nothing to do with it

Deserve’s got nothing to do with it

From the Clint Eastwood western ‘Unforgiven‘.  I don’t know why, but it’s always stuck with me.  I think it means that you never should be satisfied with where you are.  You have to prove yourself day in and day out.   I think it’s particularly relevant in business.  We need to always seek to provide value to our clients and never rest on our laurels.  We aren’t entitled to success, we have to earn it.

Day 14: Workshed grows by 33%

Day 14: Workshed grows by 33%

Angie CherryThings are happening

Part of our plan for Workshed was to create an environment where talented people could work hard and make awesome things.  Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve added our first team member!

Introducing Angie

Angie is a native Washouglan and owner of Body Bliss Yoga studio.  More impressive than her head standing ability is the speed with which she’s able to make websites do wonders.  She’s been friendly with computers her whole life and is the proud recipient of a hard earned bachelors degree in Computer Science.  With a background in project management AND website development AND graphic design (plus she’s a business owner), she adds some firepower to our arsenal.

If that’s not enough

Never one to be idle, Angie co-created a game called Be The Gift to bring people closer together (you should get one).  She’s also  President of the Camas Washougal Business Alliance the group of business behind the popular (and extremely valuable) Stuff the Bus program – which collects a ton of food for the needy and stokes the Camas – Washougal rivalry in a fun and productive way (unlike the things we used to do in school).  

But wait there’s more

You might be tempted to think Angie works all the time, and she is a busy person, but she’s also the mother of 3 wonderful (and active) boys, as well the wife of a really cool guy named Drew.

Day 13: Help For Writer’s Block – An Easy Blog Topic

Day 13: Help For Writer’s Block – An Easy Blog Topic

Got writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write for your next blog post?  Here’s a tip.  An easy topic for a post is an example of how you solved a problem for a customer.

If you’re in business,  each day your customers come to you with problems.  They probably aren’t the only ones who have that particular need.  

Giving an example of a problem and how you solved it helps to create credibility and trust between you and your reader (potential customer).  You might think that what you do isn’t all that interesting, but I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that most folks think what you do is pretty cool.  If not cool, then at least interesting.  






Day 7: Businesses Grow on Dreams

Day 7: Businesses Grow on Dreams

A little over 3 months ago, I decided to give CrossFit a try.  My friend John had been encouraging me for some time to join his home-based CrossFit group and finally after a few adult beverages at a cocktail party I relented and agreed to show up at 6am Monday morning.  I’ve been a regular ever since.

But, I’m not going to talk about the fitness program (which is fantastic).  What I want to share with you is the business philosophy of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman.  A few weeks ago I stumbled across this 12 minute video which has some truly profound business insights.  The cool thing is that this guy didn’t set out to build a billion dollar business, or graduate from business school.  If he had, he most likely would have failed in his real mission.

Pursuing Excellence

According to Glassman his goal when starting out was to build the “best training program on earth”.  He was so “successful” that he was fired by every gym in Santa Cruz due to taking the other trainer’s clients.  After being let go by the last gym one of his clients, who ran a Jiu-Jitsu studio, offered him 150 square feet to start his own gym, telling him, “they hate you because you’re the best”.  That was in 2000.

He soon outgrew the space and decided to rent a 1250 square foot building.  Within 4-5 months he had an over-crowding issue and was faced with having to make real business decisions.    With that early success, he began to focus on money and not on making the program better.

At this pivotal moment, Glassman realized that what fed the success of CrossFit was the pursuit of excellence.  As he puts it,

Excellence is obvious to everyone.  It’s just that easy.

Today CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon with over 7000 affiliate gyms around the globe.

Creating Value

As a small business owner it’s easy to be more concerned with making money than creating value.  At around the 4-minute mark in the video, Glassman goes to the white board to beautifully illustrate his point about pursuing excellence first.

He closes the talk with these thoughts:

Money is the result of doing things right.  Money is essential to run a business, but it’s not why you run a business or what makes it grow.  Businesses grow on dreams.  Trying to make money is no way to grow a business.”

Watch the video, it’s well worth 12 minutes of your time.  Let us know what you think.  Agree or disagree?