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Day 24: If Your Website was an Employee

Superstar or Slacker?

If your website was an employee, what type of an employee would it be?  Would it be a superstar or a slacker?  Fortunately, great websites (unlike employees) can be built.

Simple not Easy

Creating an awesome (a technical term describing effectiveness) website is one that compels visitors to take action and contact you about a service or product.  To build a superstar employee style website, you have to understand the company you are making the site for , their customers, and a whole slew of other disciplines ranging from accounting to psychology; not to mention graphic design and web development.

Connect the Dots

At Workshed, we’ve individually and collectively spent a lifetime exploring the different elements of successful businesses.  We know what it takes to create not only a superstar website, but how to leverage the information we gather into improving other areas of your business as well.  One of the most interesting aspects of what we do is learning about a new business for the first time.  To hear your successes, challenges, and goals with objectivity allows us to gain an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (yes I just worked a SWOT analysis into a post).  From their the challenge is to translate that raw information into words, images, and code that accurately represents the personality of your company.

Fire the Slacker

If your website and marketing isn’t routinely bringing in new business and making your life easier it’s time to cut your losses and hire a new one.


Day 19: How to be Average

Day 19: How to be Average

Ways to be Average

Todays post is a continuation of yesterday’s theme of being realistic.  Really this is a 2-for-1 repost of a pair of posts by Zen Pencils, where he creates comics from inspirational quotes.

The first is a quote from Chris Guillebeau about 11 ways to be average.  In it, he reveals the formula for living a boring and unremarkable life.  For those unfamiliar with Chris, he is a Portland resident, author of “The Art of Non Conformity” and “The $100 Startup,” host of the annual World Domination Summit, and has nearly accomplished his goal of visiting every country on the planet.

Click the images to see the entire comic.  

How to be Average Quote by Chris Guillebeau

The Timing Always Sucks

It’s almost stating the obvious, but it’s true that for the most important things in life the timing can always be better.  To put it another way, there will always be a reason not to do something; especially stuff that really matters.   The second quote is by Tim Ferriss from his first book, “The Four Hour Work Week.”  Tim is know for his “lifestyle hacking” (among other things), and like him or not, it’s hard to ignore his ability to distill things down to their essence.  Be it a skill or life philosophy.

Bad Timing by Tim Ferriss

It’d be easy to dismiss what both of these guys are saying, if what they were saying wasn’t so important to living a life worth living.  We are not automatons whose only function is to perform some mundane task with ever increasing efficiency.

Do something Interesting…then tell us about it.    You never know who or what you might inspire.

Day 17: Deserves got nothing to do with it

Deserve’s got nothing to do with it

From the Clint Eastwood western ‘Unforgiven‘.  I don’t know why, but it’s always stuck with me.  I think it means that you never should be satisfied with where you are.  You have to prove yourself day in and day out.   I think it’s particularly relevant in business.  We need to always seek to provide value to our clients and never rest on our laurels.  We aren’t entitled to success, we have to earn it.

Day 14: Workshed grows by 33%

Day 14: Workshed grows by 33%

Angie CherryThings are happening

Part of our plan for Workshed was to create an environment where talented people could work hard and make awesome things.  Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve added our first team member!

Introducing Angie

Angie is a native Washouglan and owner of Body Bliss Yoga studio.  More impressive than her head standing ability is the speed with which she’s able to make websites do wonders.  She’s been friendly with computers her whole life and is the proud recipient of a hard earned bachelors degree in Computer Science.  With a background in project management AND website development AND graphic design (plus she’s a business owner), she adds some firepower to our arsenal.

If that’s not enough

Never one to be idle, Angie co-created a game called Be The Gift to bring people closer together (you should get one).  She’s also  President of the Camas Washougal Business Alliance the group of business behind the popular (and extremely valuable) Stuff the Bus program – which collects a ton of food for the needy and stokes the Camas – Washougal rivalry in a fun and productive way (unlike the things we used to do in school).  

But wait there’s more

You might be tempted to think Angie works all the time, and she is a busy person, but she’s also the mother of 3 wonderful (and active) boys, as well the wife of a really cool guy named Drew.

Day 13: Help For Writer’s Block – An Easy Blog Topic

Day 13: Help For Writer’s Block – An Easy Blog Topic

Got writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write for your next blog post?  Here’s a tip.  An easy topic for a post is an example of how you solved a problem for a customer.

If you’re in business,  each day your customers come to you with problems.  They probably aren’t the only ones who have that particular need.  

Giving an example of a problem and how you solved it helps to create credibility and trust between you and your reader (potential customer).  You might think that what you do isn’t all that interesting, but I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that most folks think what you do is pretty cool.  If not cool, then at least interesting.